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Jonathan S. Lock

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Helping to chart Chemours’ growth trajectory, Jonathan is focused on enhancing the company’s strengths and working with its business leaders to develop long-term strategic objectives. Interacting with Chemours’ shareholders, Jonathan offers a transparent view into the company’s current and future growth plans.

Jonathan Lock is the senior vice president and chief financial officer at Chemours and is responsible for leading the company’s worldwide finance organization, including business finance, M&A, corporate strategy, treasury, tax, accounting and reporting, internal audit, enterprise risk management, and investor relations.


Q: What excites you about Chemours’ future?

A: The world is at a crossroads – customers need and demand more from their providers, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and globally government, industries, and communities are working to solve climate change. Chemours is uniquely positioned to power progress – whether that’s ensuring Titanium Dioxide gets to customers during some of the most logistically trying times brought on by the pandemic, making the next generation of technologies possible through our advanced materials, or delivering the low global warming potential refrigerants that will help meet climate goals. We have put ourselves in a position to really drive higher revenue, earnings and free cash flow growth.

Q: How does your background help you chart a course for Chemours’ growth strategy? 

A: I have spent the last several decades of my career helping companies plan and execute inorganic growth strategies across a wide variety of industries, most recently in the materials and industrial sectors. The one thing that successful acquirers have in common is a strong and stable core. You can’t build a house without a strong foundation – it’s the same thing for companies that are looking to grow through M&A. Investing in the foundation is something we’ve done such a great job of here at Chemours and I believe we have all the right ingredients in place to build out our portfolio. Chemours is one of the most exciting places I've worked and I’m eager to continue to unlock the full potential of our portfolio and people.

That said, it all starts with our people, which is why I’m so optimistic about our ability to deliver.  We have a group of talented, passionate employees who have demonstrated time and again that we can overcome any challenge.

Q: You are an Executive Sponsor of one of Chemours’ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Why are ERGs so important to our ambition of making Chemours the greatest place to work?

A: Our goal is to make Chemours the greatest place to work for all our employees. To help us achieve that goal, we use our ERGs to reach deeply into the organization and create connections that otherwise may not be possible – between individuals who identify as part of an ERG and their allies, but also with other companies.  I had the pleasure of leading our PRIDE ERG for several years and now serve as the Executive Sponsor of our CAG ERG. Both groups have been a great way to connect with the people of Chemours and also build external bridges.

Q: What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

A: I was a coxswain during my freshman year at Northwestern. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about myself and the limits of human performance through that year.



Jonathan S. Lock is Chemours’ Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer a role he has held since June 2023. He joined Chemours in 2018 as Vice President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations.  Most recently he was Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer with responsibility for Corporate Strategy, M&A, Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, and Investor Relations.

Before joining Chemours, Jonathan led corporate strategy and investor relations for SunCoke Energy and its Master Limited Partnership, SunCoke Energy Partners, where he helped the company expand and grow following its spin-out from Sunoco. Prior to SunCoke, Jonathan was a leader in the industrials practice at Marakon Associates where he helped Global 500 companies identify growth opportunities and manage portfolio issues. He started his professional career at Accenture, as a member of the Technology R&D group.

Jonathan received his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University where he was a Ford Dean’s Scholar and a Baxter Scholar, before earning his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and a Juris Doctor from the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his four young children.

Jonathan S. Lock headshot

Jonathan S. Lock

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

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