Making Progress toward a Sustainable Future

Inspired by our vision. Driven by our values. Achieved by our workforce.

A Commitment that Transcends Everything We Do

For our people, acting responsibly is second nature. It is embedded in every business process and function at Chemours—from managing biodiversity at our sites to nurturing a culture obsessed with safety to developing new opportunities for product applications. While we utilize tools such as environmental, social, governance (ESG) issue prioritization and a defined framework to manage our sustainability journey, the concept of sustainability at Chemours is broad, inclusive and a defining attribute of our organization. 

Our Values

Our ambition to be a different kind of chemistry company, one dedicated to the principle of responsible chemistry, is embedded in our shared values. These five values are the ethical foundation for all that we do, as employees and as a company, and they are reflected in our Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) goals.

Customer Centered, Refreshing Simplicity, Collective Entrepreneurship, Safety Obsession, Unshakable Integrity

Our Principles

Born of our values, our guiding principles have helped shape our commitment to drive responsible chemistry. They have provided the foundation for developing our CRC goals and will inform our ongoing focused efforts to responsibly grow our company.

  • We recognize that it starts with us.

    Our values guide us as we work together to take action and deliver on our Corporate Responsibility Commitments. We invest in our people, our facilities, and our processes to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate.

  • We inspire the brightest minds.

    We strive to think differently and to disrupt the status quo by challenging the best and brightest at Chemours to offer original ideas and fresh perspectives in a diverse, inclusive, and rewarding workplace that encourages the development of our employees.

  • We steward our value chain.

    We are setting the standard for how a chemistry company can operate, and we will work with our suppliers, vendors, and customers to have them join us as we advance our responsibility commitment along our value chain.

  • We encourage our partners to change along with us.

    We will make a positive contribution to sustainability through partnering with our communities, industry leaders in our sector, and those our products serve to advance sustainable development at scale.

  • We hold ourselves to high standards.

    We are committed to doing what is right, not just what is required. We strive for continuous improvement and will openly share with our stakeholders how we are doing.

  • We put responsibility at the center of our businesses.

    Environmental, social, and economic considerations sit at the heart of our decision-making and efforts to deliver responsible growth.

Assessing Issues and Keeping Stakeholders Informed

Through our ESG issue assessment, we track a range of issues crucial to our ongoing sustainability journey and make sure to keep stakeholders abreast of those that are most important to them. Our 2022 issue prioritization matrix illustrates the ESG issues that are the most important, or material, to our stakeholders and to Chemours.